Eschalon: Book II 1.05 is released!


The Secret of Fathamurk is a new, high-level adventure for Eschalon: Book II which gives the game an additional 3-5 hours of gameplay. it is a free extention to the game, you just need to own the original game Eschalon: Book II. The new content is designed for high-level characters- level 15 or above.

There are also a large number of updates to the game engine as well as additional content to other areas of the game world in addition to Fathamurk dungeon. For example, the Zoological ruins outside Port Kuudad have been expanded and additional enemies have been added to several areas of the game.

Download links can be found in our download section.

Enjoy !

updated: 01.11.2010

released: 01.11.2010