Linux commercial schedule software



Pagico Software, Inc.

The most fundamental goal of Pagico is to provide you with tools to centralize your resources, so that you can have everything in one place. In Pagico, you can organize complicated events and things as "Projects", which can hold all kinds of resources: notes, lists, tasks, and files.

  • $20.00 - $50.00
  • 13.6 MB
  • demo

added: 01.05.2010

Automize  8

Automize 8

HiTek Software LLC

Task scheduler allows you to schedule tasks, execute tasks as well as other software programs and applications. No programming or script knowledge is required.

  • $179.95 - $329.95
  • 25.8 MB
  • demo

added: 12.03.2010



Radical Breeze

Easily create and customize a new action (such as setting your desktop background), then choose when you want that action to run (Every 5 minutes? Every 10 days? Once on July 3rd?). Or you can simply run the action directly from the handy-dandy Gnome Statusbar menu.

  • $10.00
  • 1.8 MB
  • demo

added: 25.08.2009