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1-click time tracking

Toggl is designed for effortless time tracking. You can easily capture fragmented worktime. Switching a task or creating a new one is as simple as one mouseclick.

Toggl features two timers to suit different users. Timer Classic is more powerful in terms of functionality. Timer Nano comes in a very small size and is optimized for fast and intuitive usage.

Use Toggl from anywhere

Toggl is available as a website or you can use it as a small browser popup. You can download Toggl Desktop, which is available for all major operating systems.

You can also embed Toggl into your favourite Internet application (iGoogle, Netvibes, Gmail), or your own company intranet.

Seamless teamwork

Toggl is built for collaboration. You can use it as a solo freelancer and give access to your customers for online reports.

If your team grows, you can very easily invite new team members to your workspace.

Comprehensive reporting

Toggl features real-time performance charts and reports for the whole team. You can download all reports as PDF or CSV files. Additionally, you can subscribe to your tasks over RSS feed or show your data with the iCal feed.

updated: 01.11.2010

added: 12.09.2010

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