• size: 42.6 MB
  • company: ekiwi, LLC
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  • Free version


  • $549.00 Professional

    Designed to be capable of handling most common scraping projects.

  • $2,799.00 Enterprise

    The most feature-rich edition of screen-scraper. All capabilities are enabled

Web Data Extraction

screen-scraper automates:

  • Clicking links on websites
  • Entering data into forms and submitting
  • Iterating through search result pages
  • Downloading files (PDF, MS Word, images, etc.)

Common uses

  • Download all products, records from a website
  • Build a shopping comparison site
  • Perform market research
  • Integrate or migrate data


  • Graphical interface--easy automation
  • Cross platform (Linux, Mac, Windows, etc.)
  • Integrates with most programming languages (Java, PHP, .NET, ASP, Ruby, etc.)
  • Runs on workstations or servers

updated: 01.11.2010

added: 30.10.2010