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Perfect Diet Tracker

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  • $44.95 Personal License

    The personal license lets you track one or more users on the same computer. A single one off charge with no repeat subscriptions, no club memberships and no 'extras' needed to make full use of the software.

  • $58.95 Family License

    All the benefits of the personal license, with the additional facility to unlock the software on up to five computers in the same household.

At last, a simple dieting solution that is easy to use and works!

Create a personal diet plan

The step by step 'new user wizard' lets you add your details and targets to the software. The diet tracker then calculates how many calories you can eat every day to achieve your target.

You can easily adjust your weekly weight loss to give yourself more or less calories, finding an ideal balance between how much food you would like to eat and how much weight you want to lose.

Track what you eat

You do not need to eat specific 'diet food'. Your should aim is to find a balanced diet consisting of food items you like to eat, while staying below your calorie target. This is the key to long term, sustainable weight loss.

Simply add the items you eat or drink to the food diary in the software, it's easy using the extensive database of over 72,500 food products!

Let the diet tracker do the hard work

The perfect diet software makes tracking your food intake easy as it takes care of the calorie and exercise counting for you. Stay within the targets and you will achieve the weight loss you want. You will quickly see which foods you can eat more of and which you should reduce to find your own 'Perfect Diet' for life.

Multiple users? No Problem!

If you have more than one person in your household that would like to track their diet simply set them up as a new user in the software. There are no additional charges and each user can set an optional password so other users cannot see what you are eating, or currently weigh.

Full international support

The software can work in pounds or kilos, feet and inches or meters, you decide. Do you prefer to work with kiloJoules or calories? It's your choice. Our international food database contains over 72,500 products making adding products easy wherever you are.

updated: 29.11.2018

added: 04.11.2010

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