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Codecs - Windows Media Video

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  • company: Fluendo


The Fluendo Windows Media Video plug-in for GStreamer enables support for Windows Media Video in GStreamer using applications. The decoder supports Windows Media versions 7, 8, 9 and VC1. The plug-in is made to run on systems with GStreamer 0.10.3 or higher. Included in the package is also Fluendo's ASF demuxer plugin.

These plugins are made to run on systems with GStreamer 0.10.3 or higher and glibc 2.4 or higher. We recommend that all users try the free MP3 plugin before buying any other plugins to verify that our plugins run on their system.

INFO: Solaris users need to be aware that the only Solaris versions shipping GStreamer 0.10 at this point is Solaris Express. So make sure that either you are able to install GStreamer yourself or that you are running a suitable version of Solaris.

updated: 06.09.2010

added: 06.09.2010