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Codecs - Complete Set of Playback Plugins

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  • company: Fluendo


Complete Set of Playback Plugins

This package contains all of Fluendo's GStreamer plugins which are:

  • Windows Media Audio Decoder Stereo (Windows Media 7, 8, 9, 10, Pro, Lossless and Speech)
  • Windows Media Video Decoder (Windows Media 7, 8, 9 and VC1)
  • Windows Media ASF Demuxer
  • Windows Media MMS Networking
  • MPEG2 Video Decoder
  • MPEG4 Part 2 Video Decoder
  • DivX 3.11 Alpha ;-) Video Decoder
  • H.264/AVC Video Decoder
  • MPEG2 Program Stream and Transport Stream demuxer
  • MPEG4 ISO Demuxer
  • MP3 Audio Decoder
  • AAC Audio Decoder
  • LPCM Audio Decoder
  • VDPAU and VAAPI (Totem >= 2.28.0 and GStreamer >= 0.10.26)
  • AC3 Audio Decoder (Dolby Digital) for Totem Media Player only

These plugins are made to run on systems with GStreamer 0.10.3 or higher and glibc 2.4 or higher. We recommend that all users try the free MP3 plugin before buying any other plugins to verify that our plugins run on their system.

updated: 05.11.2010

added: 06.09.2010