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Mathematica 7: The World's Most Powerful Global Computing Environment 
Mathematica is a complete technical computing environment that seamlessly integrates numeric and symbolic computations, interactive document capabilities, an advanced programming language, and powerful connectivity.  

From computation to visualization, development to deployment, Mathematica 7 builds on 20 years of innovation to deliver one vision: the ultimate technical application and environment. Mathematica 7 includes over 500 new functions and 12 additional application areas, all seamlessly integrated in one system that gives you unprecedented workflow, coherence, and reliability.


  • Elementary mathematical function library
  • Special mathematical function library
  • Matrix and data manipulation tools including support for sparse arrays
  • Support for complex number, arbitrary precision, interval arithmetic and symbolic computation
  • 2D and 3D data and function visualization and animation tools
  • Solvers for systems of equations, diophantine equations, ODEs, PDEs, DAEs, DDEs and recurrence relations
  • Numeric and symbolic tools for discrete and continuous calculus
  • Multivariate statistics libraries
  • Constrained and unconstrained local and global optimization
  • Programming language supporting procedural, functional and object oriented constructs
  • Toolkit for adding user interfaces to calculations and applications
  • Tools for image processing and morphological image processing
  • Tools for visualizing and analysing graphs
  • Tools for combinatoric problems
  • Data mining tools such as cluster analysis, sequence alignment and pattern matching
  • Number theory function library
  • Continuous and discrete integral transforms
  • Import and export filters for data, images, video, sound, CAD, GIS, document and biomedical formats
  • Database collection for mathematical, scientific, and socio-economic information
  • Notebook interface for review and re-use of previous inputs and outputs including graphics and text annotations
  • Technical word processing including formula editing and automated report generating
  • Tools for connecting to SQL, Java, .NET, C++, FORTRAN and http based systems
  • Tools for parallel programing

updated: 19.12.2013

added: 11.09.2010