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Illumination Software Creator

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Illumination Software Creator allows anyone to create their own software applications… without writing a single line of “code”.

The idea is simple: Arrange colorful building blocks of functionality however you like to create your own, unique, piece of software.

No reading large computer programming books.  No steep learning curve.

With full support for Windows, Linux and MacOS X, Illumination Software Creator allows you to work wherever you like.  We won’t judge.

And, once you’ve created your new piece of softare, you can (with a single click) build and run that new application on Windows, Linux or MacOS X desktops, Android devices, Nokia Internet Tablets (such as the N900)… and even as Flash powered rich websites.

Illumination even gives you the full Adobe Flex, Android Java and Python source code to the projects you create.  Making it a great way to prototype new projects, or learn new languages.

Illumination works by arranging "building blocks" in order to visually describe the functionality of a software application. Like many other Visual programming languages, Illumination does not require any code to be written by hand in order to develop software.

Within Illumination each "Block" is a self contained piece of functionality Blocks are tied together via "inputs" and "outputs" which pass no data, and only serve to structure the flow of the application. Illumination also contains a "Window Editor" to allow for the building of applications with simple user interfaces.

updated: 25.03.2018

added: 31.08.2010

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