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A Complete Integrated Development Environment

EiffelStudio is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed exclusively for the Eiffel Object-Oriented language. Seamlessly addressing the whole life cycle of software development, EiffelStudio provides facilities that will help your team to develop from initial design time, right through deployment, testing, and maintenance. Built in functionalities such as Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tool for the Business Object Notation (BON) method allow you to see and interact with the design of your system during development, and there is no need for reverse engineering as everything is done concurrently. EiffelStudio also has superb browsing mechanisms for viewing information about your code and it performs and behaves at execution. From full feature browsing, to built in metrics and profiling, EiffelStudio can give you information on almost anything about your system. Centered around the Design by ContractTM methodology, EiffelStudio's debugger will allow your software to find the bugs for you, minimizing the costs of maintenance that systems designed with other languages have to endure. Coupled with a browsable editor, EiffelStudio allows you to navigate to any part of your system to track down and fix the so called 'hard to find' bugs, reducing project costs even further.

While Eiffel is widely regarded as the best language for creating fast, robust, scalable applications, EiffelStudioTM is the only tool for realizing the full power of the Eiffel Development FrameworkTM.

EiffelStudio is more than just an IDE.

Imagine being able to model your system as you think - capturing your requirements and your thought processes with EiffelStudio. When you are ready to design, you build upon the model you just created, still with EiffelStudio. And then you implement with EiffelStudio. You never need to throw anything out and start over. You don't need extra tools to be able to go back and make changes in architecture safely. Roundtrip engineering? It's built in by design. Testing, metrics and productivity tools? They're built in. As a result EiffelStudio accommodates efficiently new thoughts on supporting business change fast and flexibly.

And debugging? Eiffel's native Design by ContractTM prevents 90% of the bugs from ever occurring in the first place - and what bugs remain are easily traced and repaired.

If you have multiple platforms to consolidate, reconcile or communicate with, no problem. EiffelStudio runs on Windows, Unix, Linux, embedded, and even VMS systems. You can create an application in Eiffel (even importing your existing applications as a starting point), and then migrate it to any other platform Eiffel compiles to.

EiffelStudio is available under a Dual Licensing model. Users can choose either commercial or Open Source licensing.

Why Eiffel? Because it makes your job easier.

The Eiffel Development FrameworkTM is the complete solution you have been looking for. Developers choose Eiffel because it makes their job easier, increases their productivity and enables them to satisfy the requirements of their managers. In short, Eiffel makes them shine.

With Eiffel you spend your time developing rather than debugging. You work with the design, without getting bogged down by the syntax. You get projects done faster. You extend applications easily. You migrate them effortlessly.

Here are a few of the unique features of Eiffel Software's products that contribute to making your life easier:

  • Eiffel is easy to learn, write and read - readability has a significant impact on your work. The plain English syntax of Eiffel gives mixed teams - developers working with analysts, scientists and architects - the flexibility to work together to create more functional software faster.
  • EiffelStudio is a fully integrated toolset. You can define, design, develop, test, deploy and manage your applications in a single architecture solution, using a clean and intuitive interface. At each step of your project life cycle you can perform the necessary changes and your full system will be automatically updated by EiffelStudio and always be consistent.
  • EiffelStudio produces automatic documentation. There is no risk for you, your team or your company to work with outdated or erroneous documentation.
  • EiffelStudio enhances developer productivity through Design by Contract. This single mechanism is responsible for an order-of-magnitude increase in the quality of applications that apply it. DBC is native to Eiffel.
  • Eiffel is a remarkably `open' and cross-platform system. EiffelStudio is the most complete, full-fledged solution for Enterprise level cross-platform development. Whether the software need involves porting legacy applications from Unix or Linux to .Net, even undertaking whole new multi-platform system development, EiffelStudio caters for those needs. Unlike other cross-platform Enterprise solutions, EiffelStudio allows for complete, unrestricted developer freedom. Due to the architectural independence of the Eiffel language, software developers are not locked-in to any particular platform, leaving them free to develop in a manner which suits them, coexisting effortlessly with other team developers, regardless of platform.

updated: 26.03.2015

added: 13.11.2010