Linux programming applications

Appcelerator Titanium

  • size: 2.3 MB
  • company: Appcelerator Inc.
  • Free version

Build more engaging applications that have better performance and full control over OS-specific UI, database access, offline functionality, notifications, and multimedia. Flaunt your geek cred with Linux applications, go mainstream with Windows, get hip with OSX, or do all three from one code base. Titanium apps take up to 1/10th the memory of Adobe AIR apps and have complete access to the local system.

Best of the web meets best of the desktop

  • Imagine what your applications can achieve when they integrate Web-based features like search, flash video and microblogs with desktop advantages like data storage, improved performance and offline operation.

Full support for HTML5 and CSS3

  • Titanium bundles in the latest version of webkit, so you have access to all the latest capabilities in HTML5 and CSS3. Add custom animations, 3D effects, or build a killer UI without cross-browser issues.

The Appcelerator Network breaks the interop barrier

  • Our cloud services help you build, package, and deploy across Linux, Windows, Mac platforms from one code base and your own system.

No sandbox, better performance

  • Unlike Adobe AIR, Titanium gives you access to the entire system’s resources. And Titanium apps take up to 1/10th the memory that AIR apps do.

Mix and match your favorite web technologies

  • Full support for Javascript, HTML, CSS Python, Ruby, and PHP. Use any platform to author any app for any OS.

Apps for more than just the desktop

  • Titanium powers digital signage, point-of-sale, Kiosks, ATMs, and set top apps and will support Google Chrome OS and Apple’s Tablet.

updated: 02.09.2010

added: 02.09.2010