• size: 60 MB
  • company: Bricsys
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  • $275.00 Single user license

    For Fedora 12 or higher, OpenSuse 11.1 or higher, Ubuntu 9.10 or higher.

Bricscad is the number one DWG CAD alternative offering a complete and recognizable feature set to professional users. Bricscad reads and writes the DWG format and offers high compatibility with AutoCAD® 2010. Bricscad has a very recognizable intuitive user interface and requires no extra training.

Bricscad™ for Linux

Bricscad is finally available as a native Linux version. It is the most advanced CAD platform available for Linux and it now provides the engineering community an open door to Linux.

The functionality of Bricscad for Linux is very similar to the functionality of Bricscad Classic for Windows. 

Bricscad V10 for Linux contains the complete DCL and LISP APIs. Existing applications and customizations that use these APIs and have been written for Windows-based Bricscad and/or AutoCAD® can run on Bricscad V10 for Linux without modification.

updated: 22.08.2014

added: 29.09.2010