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Tripsimus and the Magic Lettuce

  • size: 17 MB
  • company: OBLONE Software
  • Demo


  • $2.95 Single user license

    By purchasing the game or completing a TrialPay offer, you will receive a Serial Number which you will use to download and unlock the Full Version of Tripsimus and the Magic Lettuce for all supported operating systems.

About Tripsimus

Tripsimus, the fastest and bravest snail of all, went in search for the Magic Lettuce to save the animals from starvation. Join him in this wonderful side-scrolling adventure.


  • Lots of levels
  • Seven Game Worlds
  • Mini games, including: Castle Bomber, Puzzles and Funny Ski
  • Appropriate for all ages


Our story begins in the later years of hedgehog's dominion. It is known that hedgehogs, just like moles, are heartless and greedy rulers. That is why, after a drought year, when the food became scarce, all the green, juicy plants were declared property of hedgehogs and their servants, the caterpillars. They had the control on who eats and who doesn't.

updated: 02.11.2010

added: 02.09.2010

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