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The Clockwork Man

  • size: 60 MB
  • company: Total Eclipse Games
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Gather the parts to the world's greatest invention in this unique Steampunk, Hidden Object Adventure!

At the turn of the century, in an alternate timeline, steam-powered technology has become dominant in almost all walks of life. Join Miranda Calomy, and her robot, Sprocket, on a journey through this world of wondrous science!

Game Features

  • Explore unique Scrolling & Zoomable multi-layered scenes.
  • Find hundreds of hand-painted Victorian items.
  • Solve many adventure & logic puzzles.
  • Get spoiled only as much as you need thanks to an innovative hint system.
  • Enjoy high replay value as hidden items appear in alternate locations on consecutive play sessions.

updated: 06.08.2017

added: 05.12.2010

The_clockwork_man_-_the_general_store_1_nu_cb3306e1 The_clockwork_man_-_mirandas_lab_1_nu_2e69eeda The_clockwork_man_-_new_coventry_1_nu_1ecf3b5a The_clockwork_man_-_the_hotel_ballroom_1_nu_32aa6bbb The_clockwork_man_-_zeppelin_engine_puzzle_1_nu_3b901b9f