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The Adventures of Rick Rocket

  • size: 23.7 MB
  • company: My Game Company
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Defend the Earth from alien invaders in this action-packed space shooter!

Rick Rocket features:

  • Epic space battles set in visually stunning locations!
  • Unique missions, each with its own different goals and challenges!
  • Spaceships that show damage as they are hit!
  • 12 different power-ups give you a variety of weapons and defenses!
  • Medals to earn for each mission by maximizing your bonus points!
  • Ability to replay missions to try and get a better score!
  • A majestic music soundtrack that perfectly fits the game!
  • Play using keyboard, joystick, or game pad!
  • Automatically saves your progress after every mission!
  • Player profiles, so each family member can save their own game!

updated: 29.11.2010

added: 30.10.2010

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