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Resistance Force

  • size: 77 MB
  • company: ADVEL s.r.o.
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Resistance Force is close combat multiplayer team action FPS with focus on realism.

Resistance Force is independently developed, currently fully playable alpha version is released. The development process is continuous, heading into beta version in upcoming months and continuing after release to make the best game of this type.

Current alpha version features

  • single life, no respawn during round
  • two teams fighting against each other (specops vs terrorists)
  • one map with objective (bombing, terrorists have to plant bomb in one of possible targets)
  • currently one gun (pistol)
  • firing directly with your gun using iron sights, no crosshair
  • realistic environment and lighting
  • custom engine designed and optimized for the game
  • ragdoll physics
  • auto-update system

updated: 28.06.2016

added: 05.11.2010

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