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Regnum Online

  • size: 829 MB
  • company: NDG Studios
  • Free version


  • $5.00 Premium content

    Ximerin is the virtual currency used in Regnum Online to acquire Premium content such as mounts, customization options and special items. Ximerin is non-transferable, meaning you cannot trade the Ximerin and/or most items obtained using premium content in the game.


  • Regnum offers 3 realms to choose from.
  • 9 fully customizable player characters.
  • An ever expanding number of quests.
  • The ability to capture forts and castles.
  •  Expansive lands to explore.
  •  Glorious graphical environments in DirectX and OpenGL.
  • Support for Windows and Linux platforms.
  • Premium content is available for enhanced game play.

PvP and PvE in Regnum Online

Regnum is an uniquely balanced game that allows for both intensely competitive PvP (Player vs Player) gaming as well as deeply engaging PvE (Player vs Environment) gaming. This means that you can choose your style of playing simply by how you develop in Regnum.

Each realm in Regnum is a region of the world that is for the most part inhabited by allied players. Each realm or zone is then further segregated by walls, bridges and water that separate more challenging game playing.

Battling (PvP)

The PvP aspect of the game is the highly competitive gaming side of Regnum. Most players, even heavy PvE players, will find themselves having fun with the PvP element of the game. There are a variety of PvP aspects to Regnum that offer a rich game play experience.

updated: 24.08.2013

added: 24.08.2010

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