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Number Drill

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  • company: Arctic Paint
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Children learn better when they actually enjoy what they're learning.

  • Answers are immediately checked.
  • Problems that your child gets wrong will be asked more often.
  • Progress is logged for you.

Number Drill is an educational game designed to make practising math fun. It features a cute penguin that races down a snow covered mountain slope as you answer math problems.

Over 240 races are available with topics ranging from simple adding and subtracting to working with fractions and decimals.


  •  A new, fresh and fun theme.
  •  Full award system.
  • Track progress of students.
  • Grades K-9 in one purchase.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Over 135,000 problems.
  • Install on as many computers in your home as you want.
  • Everyone in your home can create a user account to keep track of their own awards and progress.
  • Free updates on all improvements.

Your child will solve literally thousands of problems an hour and enjoy it.

updated: 01.01.2011

added: 01.11.2010

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