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Heavy Gear II

  • size: 63.6 MB
  • company: Loki Games
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Get ready for the ultimate in mech experiences: a thrilling combat adventure pitting robot against robot in the distant future is waiting for you. Pit squads of your best mechanized warriors against the enemy to save Terra Nova -- but sheer firepower won't be enough. Use your guile and wits to get behind enemy lines and use your resources to their fullest, before it's too late...

Heavy Gear II also adds some firsts for commercial Linux games:

  • First conversion from Direct3D to OpenGL®
  • First to support 3D audio effects using OpenAL
  • First to have joystick support using SDL

And best of all, it's for Linux -- the power of the future with the power of the future's operating system.

updated: 28.06.2016

added: 20.07.2010

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