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  • size: 160 MB
  • company: Hazardous Software Inc.
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  • $29.95 Single user license (pre-order)

    By pre-ordering a license to Achron, you can download the latest alpha release, and all the upcoming future releases of Achron, including the full final game. Other pre-release programs available to those who pre-order include mod tools, tournaments, community artwork submissions, community level submissions, the Resequence Engine, and possibly third party Resequence time travel games.

Designed to reinvent the real-time strategy genre by allowing all players to travel through time, Achron is a futuristic science fiction game. Players and units have the ability to jump to and play at different times simultaneously and independently. Time travel is free and unlimited but it costs energy to change the time line. Players will be challenged to invent new strategies in a world where it is possible for them and their opponents to undo mistakes, change a strategy after committing to it, and alter the outcome of past battles. Achron features both a captivating single player campaign and an online multiplayer mode.

updated: 06.11.2010

added: 23.08.2010

Achron_jan_2010_screenshot_02 Achron_jan_2010_screenshot_03 Iced_demo_1